How do you make money?

I paint and sell one of a kind Denim jackets, have made art books, collaborate with brands doing product photography and paid sponsorships on Instagram, and I sell my hand designed, stickers and art prints HERE.

what camera do you use?

My main camera is a Canon 5D Mk II, which I use with two 50mm f/1.8 and a 28mm f/2 lenses. 

My vlog camera is a Canon g7x.

The Camera that I had before, and that I shot all of my 2015/ 2016 travels with, was a Sony Nex 6 with a 50mm and a 24mm lens.

how did you get into PHOTOGRAPHY?

My dad is a photographer and he got me my first little point and shoot when I was 11 or 12, since then I've always loved dressing up and doing photoshoots with my friends. It was always my creative outlet and pastime, and it just kind of evolved into doing photography as a more consistent thing. 

I began doing it more professionally after I met and became friends with Andrew Kearns, who inspired my with his creative drive and introduce me to a whole world of creatives who all make their living traveling and photographing what they love. 


My stickers can all be found HERE on my bigcartel website.


Each one means something different, I did a whole video about them, you can find it HERE


What is your 5 year plan?

I believe in keeping your life flexible in order to follow your dreams and embrace new opportunities. 

My current plan is to travel as much as possible while still investing my creative energy into my own photography and projects like my denim or my book!

do you have any tips for a photographer starting out?

Yes! My biggest tip for any photographer (or artist for that matter) is to PRACTICE EVERY DAMN DAY.                        Even if you are just going out and taking some snaps with your iPhone, or doodling on your starbucks cup on the bus, practice your art. The people who I see succeed the most in this business are the ones who are constantly pushing themselves and working all the time on whatever it is that they are trying to improve in their craft. 

As long as you keep getting out there and shooting, and sharing your images with an audience (i.e. Instagram) you will continuously improve, receive feedback, improve, etc. 

You cannot always wait for inspiration to strike you, you gotta get out there and chase it down. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration everywhere I go. A large amount of it comes from nature, as my art is especially inspired by imagery I find in flora and fauna, as well as deeper anatomy and folkloric symbols/ spells. 

My photography inspirations greatly comes from my peers, seeing my photographer friends constantly trying new things or exploring new places is very inspiring.