A Letter to My Little Sister

A letter to my little sister
On turning 15
Sweet little corn color haired girl
To the world
5 years ago I Walked through a different door but into the same house of being 15
And now you are here on the threshold
About to step into your new set of big girl shoes
And baby
Sometimes you'll have growing pains
But that's just how it feels to get grown up legs
And life is kinda scary
From the moment you come out of the egg but little bird
You are perched to fly
And you might fall sometimes but remember that I
Will always be waiting at the bottom of the tree
Not to catch you
But to help you get back up on your feet
I'll be there for all your scraped knees and when you accidentally slam the door on your heartbeat
I have bandaids that work for both of those things
Although I don't think you'll need mine after all
You were always tougher than me
But I'll bring them anyway
And anyday now
You're kinda going to forget what it feels like to be 6
Because you'll be replacing stories of kids with late nights talking at the sky and sips of wine
And probably some girl or guy will come along and totally topsy turvey your solid little world
And I
Will be there to hear all about it
I'll be there to hold you in the car if you need to cry
And kiddo, you'll still like to play
But you won't be going on play dates and your imaginary games will become plane tickets and music festivals and far away places
Sleepovers will become kickbacks and there will be different reasons for staying up late
And I guess all that I really want to say is welcome in
And happy birthday
PoemSonora Mindling-Werling