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Going to Alaska

I have been on many wonderful flights, but this flight was one of the most wonderful of them all. 

It started as a dull green flicker above the horizon, something I could almost mistake for the remnants of sunset on cloud, but as I watched, face pressed against the window, the flicker began to grow. Vague tendrils of green spread waveringly across the sky, and there it was in front of me. The aurora borealis. 

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No trip can constantly be gorgeous hikes and cozy apartments and witty banter between friends. Inevitably there are days filled with endless hours of driving on the packed asphalt slipstreams of America, a kind of high speed claustrophobic isolation which is both draining and tedious. These days always end however, and oftentimes allow you to arrive somewhere new and beautiful for sunrise.

I woke up to the sound of rain and the feel of cold air against my cheeks. 

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The crooning voice of a ukulele player on the steps across the street mixes with the laughter of late night salt & straw goer's, and there is a perpetual sense of movement and energy in the air.
I find myself smiling big and often as I walk the 20 blocks to the bookstore

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